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Finding Brave

Feb 13, 2020

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“You really need to make sure that toxicity is absolutely caught before it spreads, because it is very costly to the company, and the lives of the people.” - Frank Wander

In this new era of work people count more than ever, and what they are able to collectively produce means everything. Everyone is responsible to help create workplaces where people are both inspired and enabled to give their best. This includes knowing how to handle toxic people and situations, which is what our Finding Brave guest focuses on in this episode.

Frank Wander is an author, former Fortune 250 turnaround CIO, and founder of PeopleProductive, a Human Capital Productivity company. Prior to PeopleProductive, he was a turnaround CIO at three different companies, most recently Guardian Life Insurance Company of America, as well as the President of during the .com era. Early on, he developed a knack for transforming organizations and spent many years turning around failing IT divisions across corporations.

Frank is a Board member of ShelterPoint Life Insurance Company, and a member of Rider University’s HR Curriculum Committee. He is also the author Transforming IT Culture, published as part of Wiley’s CIO series.

Caring and concern for others is the force that binds humans together, as the basis of all relationships and fundamental to personal and collective success. Human skills and competencies are no longer just “soft” concepts that leadership talks about in passing, which is why I believe that everyone can benefit from the wisdom that Frank shares with us today.

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