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Finding Brave

Jan 14, 2021

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“This older way, what we call this more conventional and confined way of being a man, it no longer works. It’s proving to be unhealthy, and even dangerous in the workplace and beyond, in society.” - Ed Frauenheim

In the flatter, faster, fairness-focused world that’s taking shape today, it’s become clear that we need a new model for how men show up and lead in organizations. The traditional, “confined” masculinity steers men to be more rigid, cold and isolated in a work world that’s now calling for flexibility, warmth and connection. Today’s Finding Brave guest shares his messages and insights about how a new, liberating masculinity is emerging—and can be seen in some of today’s leading business executives and sports leaders. It’s a male ethos that enables men to break out of the emotional straightjacket many grew up with, to reckon with the privilege and power we have long benefitted from, and to succeed in new, inclusive ways.

Ed Frauenheim is a writer and speaker who has focused on workplace, technology and culture matters for more than 25 years. His writing has been featured in Fortune, Inc. and USA Today. He has co-authored four books including the latest, Reinventing Masculinity: The Liberating Power of Compassion and Connection, co-written with Dr. Ed Adams, a past president of the American Psychological Association’s division devoted to the treatment of men and boys.

In their book, the two Eds tell the story of how we are evolving from a cramped, unhealthy, outdated masculinity to one that frees us all to build a better, more inclusive future.

In this episode, Ed reveals the ways that we can all move from exclusive to inclusive success through the use of his innovative “5Cs” framework. This information can help us all level up to succeed and develop our inclusive spirit and habits.

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