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Finding Brave

Feb 28, 2019

“So part of it is being really clear on what your goal is, and then think about who you need to help you get there, and then where do those people hang out?” - Judy Robinett

A major challenge today for entrepreneurs with startups is the issue of funding. My guest on this episode of Finding Brave shares her deep...

Feb 21, 2019

“I began to realize I couldn’t make a difference by myself, and that if I was going to make a difference, I had to shift the light off of me and onto the people. Leadership was not about me, leadership was about the people.” - John C. Maxwell

What makes someone a truly great leader, and is great...

Feb 14, 2019

“Now that I’m older, I truly think about it differently. Every single rejection you get, I have learned, if you listen and observe carefully without all the defensiveness and the ego getting hysterical, it can unlock amazing doors for you.” - Kathy Caprino

Rejection, both from others and from inner selves, is a...

Feb 7, 2019

“When we internalize these negative assumptions about ourselves as aging women, and start to believe them, we belittle ourselves. We diminish ourselves, we hold ourselves back, and we become invisible.” - Bonnie Marcus

There are many challenges that people over 50 face in today’s society, but women of this age can...