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Finding Brave

Feb 10, 2022

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“The reason why I wrote so many one-woman shows over the years, and then I would always get films, is because it’s almost like dating. My mother used to say start dating a few guys and another guy will see you out at dinner, and that guy will then ask you out. Work begets work, but there were dry periods where I thought it was all over.” - Siobhan Fallon Hogan

I’ve interviewed a lot of amazing individuals on this podcast and for my Forbes blog, including Pulitzer Prize winners and top leaders from around the world in all kinds of fascinating industries, and today’s guest is no exception. Today’s Finding Brave guest has been thriving in the entertainment industry for many years now, and in this episode, she reveals the lessons that you can take from her life’s journey and apply to all areas of your life to great success.

For over thirty years, Siobhan Fallon Hogan has been one of the most iconic and recognizable working character actresses, appearing in blockbuster comedies (Men in Black) as frequently as independents (Dancer in the Dark, Dogville). Now, for the first time, Fallon Hogan is appearing in a lead role, starring as the tortured yet deeply relatable (and often funny) matriarch in the thriller, Rushed, which she wrote and produced. Fallon Hogan’s first role was in Golden Girls, and she has appeared in (or had featured roles in) Saturday Night Live, Seinfeld, Forrest Gump, and many more TV shows and films.

Her film Rushed features Fallon Hogan’s friends and family in her hometown of Rumson, New Jersey—and serves as a capstone to one of the most unsung careers in Hollywood. For decades, the talents of character actresses like Fallon Hogan have gone overlooked, which is in part why she decided to write and produce this female-directed (and casted and edited) film.

It is the story of Barbara O’Brien (Fallon Hogan), an Irish Catholic mother living in upstate New York who says her rosary daily, then swears profusely as she drives her kids to school. After her life is ruined when her son Jimmy, a college freshman, is involved in a fraternity hazing incident, Barbara resorts to extreme measures. Personally speaking, I found it riveting, relatable and a deeply moving film.

Siobhan is someone who has created her own luck through a lot of hard work and a continued, unwavering belief in herself and her talents and abilities, and it was such a pleasure to have her join me for a conversation on this podcast. 

I’ve so enjoyed Siobhan’s work over the years, and loved her new movie Rushed. We would be thrilled if you’d check out Rushed and let us know how this powerful story resonates with you. It’s a story I believe that all mothers will relate to strongly, as well as those who’ve been through any kind of situation that forced you to do something you’ve never wanted to, and never dreamed you’d have to. 

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