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Finding Brave

Dec 3, 2020

Thank you for listening to our Finding Brave show, ranked in the Top 100 Apple Podcasts in Careers!

“People stand out because they’re themselves and they’re different from everybody else. They move our emotions and they do something in a really excellent way. We’re drawn to people that just have excellence in them, aren’t we?” - John Walsh

In a competitive world that presents many difficult challenges to navigate, it’s important to stand out in authentic, empowered ways and make a positive impact where you can. And for those who care about making a positive difference, it’s important to leave the world in some way better than we found it. Today’s inspiring Finding Brave guest has made it his mission to help others do this, by supporting people’s standout growth and helping individuals realize that your own success and happiness are directly determined and shaped by you personally, and that you are ultimately responsible for what you create and achieve.

John Walsh is a best-selling author, keynote speaker and entrepreneur with a passion for helping people and businesses accelerate their potential and transform from start to standout as fast as possible. His primary focus is on helping students and young professionals but he also coaches executives and advises emerging businesses. Before he founded the Standout Movement and became the President and CEO of StandoutX, John spent 20+ years as a successful Finance and Strategy executive with The Walt Disney Company and The Madison Square Garden Company. He continues to serve on the Board of Directors for Disney’s employee-owned credit union.

It is my hope that John’s journey -- from being homeless in high school to a highly successful executive and now entrepreneur -- is inspiring and educational. Both John and I want to help our communities understand that it is very important to give ourselves the flexibility, freedom and confidence to change, so that you can stand out and impact the world in the way only you can.

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