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Finding Brave

Jun 9, 2022

Thank you for listening to our Finding Brave show, ranked in the Top 100 Apple Career Podcasts!

“When I screen a [small business] client prospect, I ask them this question - if their best clients couldn’t hire them and they had to hire one of their competitors, what would be the value that they would lose or be missing?” - Robert Friedman

I’m so excited to dig into the essential steps entrepreneurs and small business owners need to take to build a powerful, compelling brand that stands out and attracts ideal clients we love to support. Today’s Finding Brave guest was deeply instrumental in helping me brand my own coaching business when I first started out. He is an expert at helping small business owners define what differentiates them from their competitors so that they can have the true impact that they long to, working with rewarding clients who they find meaningful to serve. 

Robert Friedman is the owner and Founder of Fearless Branding, a branding consultancy that focuses on creating powerful brands for experts and the firms they own. He works with consultants, law firms, executive coaches and other professionals who are paid for their ideas and expertise. 

In this first part of our 2-part series, Robert shares his expertise, best tips and effective strategies for standing out from others in your industry, and he helps me right on the show by providing an impromptu branding session for my own coaching business.

This conversation with Robert was so rich and useful, and the topic of branding such a key one for small businesses, that we decided to make this a special 2-part mini-series with him. 

Please join us next week for Part 2 as well, and always, please let us know the biggest takeaways you take from our interview.

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