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Finding Brave

Jun 2, 2022

Thank you for listening to our Finding Brave show, ranked in the Top 100 Apple Career Podcasts!

“With writing, somebody is holding up a mirror and you’re getting to look into the mirror and see yourself. When someone is vulnerable, they’re holding up that mirror and the light is bright, and I think you’re putting skin in the game in a way that is courageous.” - Bruce Gelfand 

Today’s Finding Brave is the second of my two-part conversation with Bruce Gelfand, as we go so much deeper into the power of writing and how vulnerability is a superpower that should be celebrated. In this episode, Bruce also reveals the incredible transformation that will happen when you truly write from your heart and have the courage to delve into your story.

Based in Santa Monica, CA, Bruce has over 30 years of experience in theater, film, television, and publishing in both New York and Hollywood. His plays have won national playwriting awards, and been produced Off-Broadway and in theaters around the country. He has written numerous feature films and movies for television, and has written and directed the feature-length documentary, “The Family Safe.” He is also a writer of fiction, non-fiction, songs, and award-winning poetry. His book, Brighter the Light, Deeper the Shadow was published in 2004. His many screenplays include “Rainbow Man.” Bashert,” “Touched,” “The House at Otowi Bridge” and, most recently, “Refugee,” an adaptation of the award-winning Holocaust memoir “Choices.” Bruce is also a renowned writing teacher and coach. He has taught at Emerson College in Boston, and in the M.F.A. program at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco and taught hundreds of writing workshops and seminars in venues around the world—from gang members in LA to patients in the Mind-Body Institute at Brigham and Women’s Hospital at Harvard. He has worked with tens of thousands of writing students – from masters in the field to absolute beginners. His current online course, A WRITERS’ HOUR, is being used by writers all over the world.

Bruce has a list of private coaching clients that range from age 10 to age 95, and includes CEOs, corporate trainers, Academy and Emmy-Award winning writers, directors, actors, and leaders in the worlds of politics, health, and spirituality.

I encourage you to do the powerful exercise on uncovering the superpower that Bruce talks about in this episode, and let us know what you discover by doing so. We’re looking forward to helping you bring into being in a fuller way who you really are.

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